Growing up as a boy in rural Mississippi, I was told by those who mentored me that as an American, I could be anything that I aspired to be…..Anything!!!!……Having survived to old age, I have found my mentors to have told me the absolute truth…..As Americans we can attempt to become anything we choose……Even if you are inherently evil, the lowest, most disgusting, leader of the World’s leading Criminal Organization posing as a charitable foundation….Even if your morals are debase and you believe in butchering unborn children within hours of birth, even if your friends are pedophiles and your allies are enemies of the USA…….You can STILL be a Democratic Candidate for President!!!!!

In the words of Yakov Smirnoff……”What a Country!!!!”
What a country indeed!!!!

My apology friends for my negative tone of today’s blog but events of this afternoon have left me disgusted with the interworking’s of the Executive Branch of our government. We as citizens live under a wholly different set of laws than those in power.


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