Wise mentors have said that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’. Such statements are true in so many cases regarding everyday life, especially to those of us in production of various goods and services. To me there are words that paint a thousand pictures……Words like Mother, Father, Sunrise, Sunset, Beauty, and Peace….The greatest of all I think,… maybe the greatest word in the English language is the word…..Love.

The portraits this word paint would fill all the gallery’s in all the world to over flowing. It is the scene of a crumpled flower in the tender hands of a child ….A squirming puppy held tight against a freckled cheek…..An exhausted mother checking the brow of a sick child in the wee hours…..An over-worked father returning home from a long hard day……A soldier entrenched in defense of those on his flank and in his memory…..All of these and so many more are pictures of Love.

Turning once again to the Word of God, one sees the very essence of Love, the portrait of One who defined it for all eternity. He was alone that day…..Separated from humanity and the Godhead by sins not His own….But ours….Mine!…..Mocked, ridiculed, abandoned, and tortured…..He went freely to His death…..Because He Loved Me!!!!! …..This my friends is Love!….The ultimate portrait of….Love!

To Be Continued…..

“Behold what manner of Love the Father has bestowed on us,  that we should be called the Children of God!” ~~ I John 3:1




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