In chatting with a newly minted friend, I made the mistake of asking her for a suggestion for today’s blog. She suggested this subject…..Love……Now, obviously my new acquaintance is wholly unacquainted with my background or she would know I am probably the least qualified on this earth to expound on this human emotion…..I would be much better suited for a treatise on ‘Quantum Physics’ or Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’. …..For in discussing these problems I would only seem ignorant……Not both ignorant and foolish!!!!

Love????……Oh My!!!!…..My opening lines might be somewhere between….”DUHHHH!!!!”….and “Lord get me out of this!!!!”…..My total inadequacy on this subject is well documented in the fact that at 60 years of age a ‘Marriage License’ has never been filed in my name……And becoming more unlikely by the day that one ever will be…..A wise man once said that, “It is best to remain silent and be thought a fool….Than to speak and remove all doubt!”…..Well let the doubters be warned…..I’m going to make an attempt……Maybe my last words…..Lol!

The late Peter Marshall described love between a man and woman as “ascending to the highest halls of human happiness”…..Indeed it must be so, for so many pursue, yet so few seem to acquire. Love is that treasure we all seek at one point in our lives. For many such a pursuit is a life-long challenge…..For others a daily blessing…..It is that thing that moves us, molds us, makes us, breaks us, fixes us and everything in between…….When discovered it can carry us to heights that Dr. Marshall described….Unrequited it may carry us to depths beyond the Marianna’s….It is with the latter that I seem to have more experience……Even recently I have proven my oblivious grasp of this field…..But that is another blog.

With regards to my reader’s valuable time, I shall not prolong the agony of my ramblings today but I will turn to Someone who truly knows this subject like no other in this universe…..Our Father in heaven…..I John 4:8 tells us….”He who does not love, does not know God…..FOR GOD IS LOVE.”……Rather than continue I will let us ponder this verse……If we do not read another word in our lives, let us all remember…..God Is Love!!!!

To be continued……



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