Friends… The Fabric of Our Lives

What is most valuable to you?…..Your bank account?…..If yours is anything like mine, a thief who would steal my account info would be wasting his time…..Might even feel sorry for me and leave a deposit! Lol!…..Is it your stocks?….Bonds?…..Your job perhaps?…..Real Estate?…..Now my meager land holdings are of some sentimental value to me, owing to the fact it has been in my family since prior to the Civil War…..But….What are those things that you hold dear?…..Oh of course our Faith is number one or should be. Our relationship with God is of utmost importance…..But what or who, I should say do we place most value, that give our lives true meaning, especially at our advanced age?…….Say it with me……FRIENDS!!!!

When you have traversed as far as I have down life’s trail, it finally occurs to you that all those financial gains you worked so many hours putting away are meaningless if you  have not earned at least one true friend……Mark Twain well said that a man who had one friend, was a rich man…..I agree…..I count myself very rich for I have many friends…..Even richer knowing that I am related to some of my closest friends. Some I have gained in my online experience, where many say friendships are not real, only imaginary figments of cyber-space…..To such I say ‘Hogwash!!!!’……I have many dear friends whom I have never met personally.

One of the saddest experiences of my life has been seeing old friendships whither away. Due to neglect perhaps, or misuse, even an ill-advised word, or comment….however unintentional….. the fabric of friendship can diteriate, or be torn. When that happens, the ‘fabric’ is hard if not impossible to restore to its original condition. It is not to say that it is of a lesser value but…..different, somehow…..Maybe those friendships that have endured hardships or tears, will be even stronger, and of a greater value than ever before. We can only pray that is the case when it happens to us.

May God protect our friendships. Help us recognize true value and appreciation for our friends. Give us strength to bridle our tongues and the wisdom to seek reconciliation for those relationships that may be damaged.

“A new command I give to you, that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” ~~ John 13:34



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