Today’s Reflections on Current Events

I have had a real struggle this election season. I guess you have noticed by the tone of some of my rants. I would apologize again but…..I really don’t feel it…..I am angry, disgusted, even disheartened at times…..How can the once greatest nation on earth stumble?…..How can we stoop to such depths of absolute iniquity and Godlessness even among those who lead us?….What godlessness you may ask?…..One of the most ungodly facets of society, especially political society, that we have come to accept,… even expect…..Is the lies!!!!….We live in an age of fraud!!!!

In my humble opinion, a human being more closely resembles Satan himself, when he/ she lies! The most evil of all lies are those tinged with a hint of truth, so that they resemble honor just enough that we accept them as truth…..When setting the cornerstone for our Nation, the founders were in agreement on one thing….A Democracy, no matter how coveted it may be, can not exist outside the confines of a moral society…..It will die when starved of truth and right living participants….When those participants gleefully accept leadership from those who make a habit of spewing lies, and living fraudulent life-styles, then the destruction is imminent.

A Face Book friend commented on his oath taken upon entry into the US Army this morning. He stated that the Oath has no expiration date. My friend is quite correct. It is a blood oath that expires only at the moment of our deaths….The clause, in which we swore to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution is a scarlet thread written in the blood of heroes past, to which our own blood might be mingled if necessary….I do not believe our current crop of leaders understand their oath, no more than they understand morality, or the underlying foundation of these United States….

It is time ‘We The People’ give them a refresher in what it means!!!!



Meditate on These Things

No doubt the World is a mean place right now. Actually it has been for some time, but our various ‘connections’ keep us informed faster, longer. It may seem there is no escape from bad news. I find myself getting caught up in it, maybe even being an agent of it at times, with my political comments. While it may be a good thing to sound the alarm when ‘the enemy’ is at the gate, we should not dwell on the evil, lest it become part of us. God tells us in His Word…
“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.” ~ Philippians 4:8
I really want to get to a point in my walk with Him that I will be able to see past the evil, the chaos, the fog of daily cares…..And know… His beauty is always there. His call is still a noble endeavor. His people are still His and they are loved. His Gospel is still the good news and a virtuous life style is still to be sought. Last but not least…..He is worthy of my praise!….It would appear, I have many reasons to be grateful….And to be more positive.