No Apology from Me

The sun rose on a beautiful morning,
Clear blue skies, No weather warning,
It was Sunday in paradise, a lovely day.
Some relaxed, while others went to pray.
Off in the distance a sailor played the reveille call,
In that dreadful moment the bombs began to fall.
We were caught by surprise, we know too well,
That day paradise was turned into a living hell.
Many men were lost, So valiant they were,
Their lives destroyed in a volatile blur.
Now monuments and graves their ships have become.
Only boys they were, now heroic men every one.
On that day in Pearl we were badly out-gunned,
By the men who served with the ‘Rising Sun’.
But their own admiral knew America would rise defiant,
They had awakened the resolve of a sleeping giant.
So forgive me Sir if I don’t follow your lead,
And apologize to those who caused my brothers to bleed.
What is my reasons for not regretting Hiroshima?
The Arizona, The Tennessee, and ….The Oklahoma.

A Memorial Day Poem

I heard his wheel chair coming. Creaking down the floor.
I wanted to say goodbye, so I met him at my door.
They were sending him to hospice, no need to ask him why.
A lump in my throat, and trembling hand I stood to say goodbye.
He asked the nurse for a moment to say a word to his new friend.
How to say farewell to a hero? I hardly knew where to begin.
We had shared a cup of coffee and spoke of our service call.
He had been in Korea and Vietnam, mine hardly worth mentioning at all.
I never asked if he had taken lives. I doubt he would have told.
He bottled those horrors far inside, deep within his soul.
The moment passed. He had to go. He reached to shake my hand.
No greater honor have I ever felt than to be acquainted with this humble man.
The hospital staff hardly noticed as they wheeled him down the hall.
But here was part of our history, a faithful son who answered the call.
More and more are lost each day. Men and women who did their part.
To spread freedom and liberty on distant shores, and vanquish evil hearts.
From deserts and jungles and treacherous seas, they proudly serve our flag.
Never to draw attention to themselves, nor boast, or strut or brag.
Motivated by duty and honor and love for those left at home.
They come from every walk of life, the finest people ever known.
I pray that on this Memorial Day Americans stop and pray,
And thank God for those faithful few who made possible freedom’s way.
Like my old friend on the second floor who’s heart was failing fast.
Without their selfless, sacrificial, gift…. Our liberty will not last.